2010 Honda Element

The 2010 Element—Practicality with Style

The 2010 Element

Step behind the wheel of the 2010 Element. Sit back and watch that versatility and power happen right before your eyes. The exterior of this car could captivate you with its sporty figure and handsome look. This is the kind of automobile you deserve! First Honda in Simi Valley has a great selection for you to choose from.

This car was made with you in mind, with its features that would simply surprise you. Check out the wide cargo-door feature and 64-seating configuration. Rearrange the compartment so as to be appropriate to your space needs during your trips. See the instrument panel that displays information at a quick look. There is also a center console that has a detachable cooler—it’s the thing you need for long rides.

The Element is sure to give you the drive/ride experience you won’t forget. Fantastic ride of a lifetime means having an automobile equipped with Honda satellite-linked navigation system, which provides information on many destinations. Also check out the USB Audio Interface and an audio-music system that rocks!

Let’s get explore the amazing interior. With its tough, sturdy body, abrasion-resistant floor, and waterproof FXC seat upholstery, this car has an interior resists the elements. There is no need to worry about water spillage inside or dirt and stains on the floor.

2010 Element has an awesome power on the road with its 166 hp iVTEC engine with a 2.4-liter capacity. It’s time to impress everyone with its sheer power and performance matched with fuel-efficiency nothing else beats. It’s the perfect companion wherever your destination is.

It rewards smooth drive matched with security that is a product of sophisticated safety technology. The Element comes with a Real Time 4WD and a control-link MacPherson strut front suspension plus standard safety airbags and side-collision door beams just to make sure you can drive with peace of mind.

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The 2010 Element SC

An Element with an awesome twist!

This is the real fusion of design and function. Check out the good-looking structure and low-ride stance of the Element. There is no suspecting this car carries awesome power in it. Be prepared to be astonished with its 166-hp performance from the 16-valve DOHC engine that gives the speed you need and the smooth drive you deserve.

It comes with a 270-watt system and a 12-volt power plus a center console with MP3/auxiliary input jack. See how 2010 Element SC fuses function and entertainment. Have a long ride in the countryside and be entertained by high-definition music. But this car transcends automobile science, as it features adjustable space with wide cargo doors. Basically, there is no need to change cars right away.

Safety is the first thing in mind. That’s why Honda features the advanced compatibility engineering body structure, anti-lock braking system, vehicle stability assist system, and six standard safety airbags plus side-collision hatch beams for the maximum protection during impacts.

Indeed, Element SC means versatility unmatched!

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