2010 Honda Civic

The 2010 Honda Civic – Power, Style, and Technology


The fusion of technology and style has arrived! First Honda Simi Valley offers a large selection of new 2010 Honda Civic.

Civic Sedan comes as a 140 hp car with an aerodynamic physique, polished and glistening lines, and impressive front grilles. The wheels comes with 16-inch alloy and the cabin is sport-trimmed cabin with black finish. Now, this sleek head turner features the LX-S model decklid spoiler.

The Honda Civic Sedan is a sheer combination and a perfect blend of style and technology with its luxurious leather interior and an automatic dash. The seats are built for comfort and support. A two-tier instrument panel displays all you need to see at a peek and that adds to the technological breakthrough that brings ease and convenience.

The 4-cylinder engine, which may either come as the 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission, is powered by 16-valve SOHC iVTEC with a 1.8-liter capacity. Fuel efficiency is here. Be astonished with the steering systems and stable suspension to make long rides pleasing and smooth.

Safety comes first. This is why Honda equips its Civic Sedan with a vehicle stability assist system that gives protection during rollover accidents. Six safety, standard airbags safeguards the driver and passengers during accidental impacts and collisions. The advanced compatibility engineering body structure safeguards people inside during front collisions. Plus the antilock braking system supports steering control of the driver during sudden stops.

No question, 2010 Honda Civic Sedan is the clever choice!

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The 2010 Civic Coupe

Brace yourself for the new 2010 Civic Coupe!

Check out its sporty front grille, the grand front bumper with power signal lights, aerodynamic roofline, and the fuel efficient engine. This 140 hp automobile is surely going to be a driver’s pick.

It’s powered by the 16-valve 140 hp SOHC iVTEC engine with 1.8-liter capacity and an advanced suspension technology to give you nothing short of an exciting ride that does not expend much gas. This vehicle comes with either the 5-speed manual transmission or the 5-speed automatic to give a remarkable ride of speed with luxury.

Safety comes with the vehicle stability assist system and advanced compatibility engineering and other passenger protection technology.

Honda Civic Coupe comes with a leather interior to give a feel of luxury for five people. The two-tier instrument panel and the steering wheel audio controls show information at a quick peek. Focus on the road while you drive. Enjoy a long ride in its spacious interior that could hold luggage in the rear seatback.

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The 2010 Civic Si Sedan

The best way to describe 2010 Civic Si Sedan is it’s hot!

The advanced aerodynamic figure with a bold front grille plus 17-inch alloy wheels and fog lights will catch everybody’s attention. It also comes with the distinct Si badge and rear wing spoiler that is exclusive with Si models. This automobile is just for the fortunate few.

Get ahead. Step behind the wheel. Drive with astonishing speed. It comes with an aluminum alloy K29Z3 engine with a 2-liter capacity. The 6-speed 197 hp engine gives you the adrenaline rush on the road with an amazing 29 mpg performance. Get more control on the steering with its improved steering response.

Si Sedan comes with Honda satellite-linked navigation system and the Bluetooth HandsFreeLink. You can drive or have a ride and enjoy music and other features.

This five-seater is terrific but still retains an elegance and luxury that lures you to take a peek and finally get on.

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The 2010 Civic Si Coupe

Check out the 2010 Civic Si Coupe. It’s captivating!

It lures you with its sleek lines and lovely figure but what’s inside counts even more. It is propelled by a 6-speed K20Z3 engine with a 2-liter capacity to deliver an awesome performance of 29 mpg along the highway. The 4-cylinder engine means fuel efficiency.

The satellite-linked navigation system and bluetooth handsfreelink, making it possible to make and answer phonecalls with eyes on the road. Inside is a 350-watt high-class audio system for that music experience whilst on the road.

Safety comes with the advanced compatibility engineering body structure, 6 safety standard airbags, anti-lock braking system, and 3-point seatbelts. That’s protection at best.

Superb automobile technology comes possible with the 2010 Civic Si Coupe.

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The 2010 Civic Hybrid Sedan

Nature friendly. High mileage.

The 2010 Civic Hybrid Sedan stupefies the senses with its sleek finish and modern sophistication. Watch the six-sided grille. See the front bumper. Experience the fuel-efficiency made by possible by its 4-cylinder 1.3-liter 8-valve iVTEC engine with a high performance, lightweight motor.

Comes with a CVT, this automobile gives ease through its automatic transmission and full control through manual transmission. It has an automatic engine shut off feature as you turn to a stop to provide fuel efficiency plus farther mileage.

Now, there’s comfort, style, and performance in one car that’s the 2010 Civic Hybrid Sedan. It’s simply the automobile of the future.

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The Honda Civic in Simi Valley

1st Honda is the only place to go if you’re looking for the 2010 Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) in Simi Valley area.

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