2010 Honda FCX Clarity

The 2010 FCX Clarity: Get Ahead on the Road!

The 2010 FCX Clarity takes you to the future with its advanced technology.

Drive with speed and thrill whilst maintaining an environmental friendly status. With its powerful engine, FCX Clarity takes you farther faster with a fuel efficiency that’s 20% more than the conventional and an energy efficiency that is 10% more than the typical.

FCX Clarity takes your ride experience further with its gas independence—no use of petrol this time. It runs with a hydrogen-powered engine. Wait a minute! A storage tank in the Honda vehicle keeps hydrogen gas. The innovative fuel cells ignite hydrogen with oxygen to provide energy that propels the electric motor. No harmful gas emissions this time.

It takes no time to refuel, and a full tank gives you a 240 miles of distance before another refill. Note there are a lot of hydrogen refueling stations in the nation.

Interior design with back-hugging seats offers maximum support and lasting comfort with an optimum cabin coziness provided by Honda Bio-Fabric that’s just supple. Bio-Fabric, unlike the typical polyester, is another innovation that reduces CO2 emission by 30%.

The dash is futuristic with state-of-the-art features: Honda satellite-linked navigation system with voice recognition, MP3-enabled dash with auxiliary input jack, multi-layered instrument panel, and Bluetooth HandsFreeLink – all for an amazing ride.

Safety can never be compromised. With its reinforced structure, FCX Clarity has collision mitigating braking system and vehicle stability assist system to give the driver and passengers the peace of mind they deserve.

The green revolution in automobiles has arrived.

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